Starting 2020 of right with another civic hacking project.  This time, we've thrown together an app that visualizes traffic collisions in Los Angeles.  Each week there are about a thousand traffic collisions in LA.  This data visualization tool can hopefully help for deeper insights, which can lead to new solutions.  Big thanks to for providing the data!

View the demo website here

View the code on GitHub

Project Goals

The goals for this project are simple:

  • Exercise some JS data processing techniques
  • Provide something civically engaging
  • Create something open source, and see where others take it

Feel free to pull the project from GitHub!

Contributing To This Project

Civic hacking is an awesome way to learn coding, while providing value to your local community.  This pretty close to a full vanilla javascript project, so contributing is easy.  

Built With

Getting Started

The app is a simple, single page built with Mapbox. Simply grab a Mapbox API key and clone this repo to use.

Connecting With Contributors

Please comment below to connect with others.  Share what you'd like to see from this project, or share your creations.  Let us know what to do next!

Happy Coding!