Excited to be partnering with KEF America to launch their new site!  KEF produces custom rubber components that are extremely difficult to manufacture.  

KEF America pushes the bar of product miniaturization, producing the world's smallest O-Ring, with cross sections as small as .002" in diameter.

Above The Fold

What your customer sees when your site initially loads is so crucial to your business. We really wanted to use the space above the fold for KEF America to capture the amazing products that they produce.  

KEF produces extremely small or difficult to manufacture rubber parts, therefore opening doors for all sorts of new product innovation.  Our goal was to really drive that message home for potential customers.  Understanding and grasping the scale of something so small can be challenging to convey on a website.  

As we racked our brains around how we do this from the prior site, we decided to capture our thoughts in a short YouTube video.

We wanted to take the opportunity to use the full header space, to really show how tiny these parts are in relation to the human finger.  We thought it would be cool to place a hint of parallax scrolling, to further highlight the micro o-ring as well.

Captivating Video

Mashup videos are such a great way of capturing attention and communicating concepts to others.  We wanted to share what KEF does in a few simple visualizations that could later be shared on social media.  

Our goal was really to help drive connections between a highly capable supplier, and industry engineers who are pushing the limits of new products and technology. Hence, video is such an optimal medium for making that happen.

Site Features

KEF America is built on WordPress.  The site seamlessly integrates with procurement software - KaizenDesk, to streamline your supply chain paperwork, while growing your leads.

  • Search engine optimized
  • Blog ready
  • Mobile optimized
  • Fast load times
  • Integration with KaizenDesk Online Quoting and Invoicing Platform

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