A super simple and minimal Ghost starter theme using Bootstrap.

Ghost is world's most popular modern open source publishing platform.  This starter theme is developed in efforts to help organizations create customized blogs using Ghost and Bootstrap.

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This theme uses:

Using this theme:

This theme is intended as a starter kit to develop a customized site.  It is recommended to start by using  Ghost Local to develop the theme's front end as you like.  Head over to the  Ghost Local site for installation instructions.

Installing the theme for development

From the directory that you've installed ghost local, move into the themes folder:

cd conent/themes

Clone the repo:

git clone [email protected]:initialapps/ghost-bootstrap.git

Go back to the directory that you've installed ghost local, and restart ghost local:

cd - // if needed, or navigat to the main ghost directory however you please
ghost restart

Finally, navigate to the ghost local link provided in the terminal. When logged into ghost, click Settings > Design. Scroll to the bottom and activate the ghost-bootstrap theme.

Setting up your routes

This theme supports a home page, and separate blog page. In order to do this in ghost, you must upload a custom routes.yml file. You can download your current file, when logged into ghost local, by clicking Settings > Design in the left sidebar and scrolling to Routes at the bottom.

You should edit this file to look like this:

    controller: channel
    template: home

    permalink: /{slug}/
    template: index

  tag: /tag/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

Once complete, upload back to your ghost local blog by clicking the upload button just above where you downloaded.


  • You can add to the theme css by editing the css theme file at assets>css>screen.css
  • You can add to the theme js by editing the js theme file at assets>js>main.js
  • For further theme development visit the ghost theme building documentation (click here).


Vendor css and js files are built using gulp and output as assets/css/build.css and assets/js/build.js. Feel free to add your custom scripts to the gulpfile (gulpfile.js) and use gulp.

The easiest way to deploy the theme is to just download the zip file from Settings > Design area when running ghost locally. Then uploading the theme to your live site. Be sure to add your routes.yml file as well.

See a demo of this theme