After a long and load day of coding at the coffee shop,  I finally broke down and got a pair of wireless earbuds.  What I needed: noise cancelling, not too expensive, comfortable earbuds with the freedom to be wireless.  An hour of Amazon searching later, and I finally went for the Letsfit D32s.  In summary, I'm happy, but here's my take on these earbuds.

General Features:

  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • 33ft Range
  • 20H Work Time
  • 1.5 H Charge Time

The Un-Boxing

Yes, this was special.  Letsfit D32's do not disappoint in the packaging and presentation department.  The box comes clean and minimalist, and is literally glowing upon opening.  Its like a nerd jewelry box ?!  Perfect for an office gift.

The Travel Case

I really appreciate the case, from the fancy LEDs to many other intricate details. The case also serves as an extra battery to keep your headphones charged when not in use. There are magnets so that your pods stick right in position when stashed away. The built in programming automatically turns your pods off while charging, and back on when ready to pop in your ears, with audible "power" and "pairing" alerts. The whole setup is all very Tony Stark-ish.  

If I had one wish, I'd have the case be a bit lower in profile.  I have 3 other things that I must shove in my pocket, so real-estate is precious!  That said, the case is reasonably small, and I can be picky.

The Sound Quality

The sound on these is great, but it takes awhile to figure out how to find the sweet spot when positioning them on your ear.  I find that you have to put them on and then rotate them a bit backward so that the silicone pads are snug inside your ear.  Once seated just right, the sound is really nice!  Pairing or distances have not been a problem for me yet.  These have delivered on everything they claim.

The Noise Cancellation

To be honest, I'm not fully sure if these are supposed to be noise "cancellation" or noise "isolation", as the Amazon description is not fully clear.  

  • Test 1: I had my wife talk to me. I was still able to hear her... Yes, my expectations were too high. ?‍♂️
  • Test 2: Taking these to Starbucks!  I could not hear my drink being called out.  Pass...?
  • Test 3: Taking them to work.  A co-worker has to poke me, in order to get my attention.  Pass!

The Fit

To be honest, these are a bit painful at first. It could be do to my extreme nerdism in over shoving them into my ears for the tests above. They are very light in weight and come with various silicone sizes to fit your ear just right. I tried to step it down in size, but didn't get that nice of a seal. I then stepped it up to large, and realized the fit was a lot softer, so I kept it at large.

The Battery

These get me through the day and the charging case really helps.  I wear them for 1-2 hours, about 3-4 times throughout the day.  I also have a massive USB hub (10 ports) at bedside, so that this can charge with my other devices, while I charge in my bed. ?

The Cost

Nicely affordable at ~$40.  The Apple versions are just way too pricey for me to loose one of them in a few months.  No buyers remorse here.  I'll be making Christmas gifts out of these.

Final Summary

The Pros:

  • Great Functionality
  • Nice Un-Boxing
  • Really Nice Charging Case
  • I Think That These Cancel Noise ?
  • Good Battery Life
  • Affordable
  • Great Gifts

Some Cons:

  • Fit is probably not as comfortable as the Apple shaped earbuds
  • The case is slightly tall for the pockets on my pants...

Final Verdict:

I already bought a second pair, and will probably buy more at year end. These are really nice for isolation in noisy environments, especially when you need to get work done. They also won't break the bank. I cannot justify the pain of accidentally loosing one or both earbuds at Apple prices. This is a great product!