Need a name for the new business that you've hacked together?

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when bootstrapping a name for your business or app:

1. Is the domain available
You wouldn't want to go through the trouble of registering a corp or LLC name and find that the domain is already taken. Checking for domain name availability is a great place to start. I like to keep Instant Domain Search as an open tab on my smart phone, and check availability as the names hit me throughout the day. Another great resource, if you know at least one word you like, is Lean Domain Search, which provides suggestions based on the word that you provide.

2. Is it SEO friendly
You're business name, and it's associated domain name can either help or hurt your search-ability dependent on the name you have chosen. Thirty years ago, businesses fought for starting their name in a way that ranks high alphabetically. Today, what matters much more is what keyword matches your business best. You may want to brainstorm some keywords that describe your business and check them out on Google Adwords. Keywords that have high search volumes, with low competition are golden and can be leveraged in your business name.

3. How does it look in google fonts
This is great to keep in mind if you're fully bootstrapping your business, and don't have the cash to create a fancy logo. Google fonts can go a long way to making your business name look beautiful on a web page. Head over to google fonts, type in your name under any of the fonts and click "apply to all fonts." You can sort by trending or popular, or explore nice handwritten options to find a look that fits your business best.

4. Is it under four syllables
You want to be careful that your name does not sound too long, and is something that can resonate with others. One to two syllables are great, but rarely exist on available domains. Three syllables become fair game for abbreviation. Avoid anything over four syllables. If you do go with a longer name, try to ensure the abbreviation won't sound dramatically longer than the spelling, such as in the iconic case of "world wide web," which abbreviated to "WWW" is nine syllables!

Final thoughts, don't over think it!

Many iconic brands including Apple and Nike have humble and nostalgic beginnings. Take a few days to simmer on ideas, and ultimately follow your heart.